FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is PollPaul?

PollPaul is a mobile app for quick and easy access to a wide range of online surveys. Select a survey and receive bonus points for full participation, which can be exchanged for a myriad of options.

How can I participate in PollPaul?

Participation in PollPaul is only possible by installing our app on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet). Simply install the app from the AppStore (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) and get started straight away.

What can I earn with PollPaul?

Bonus points are credited to the points account for complete participation in a survey. The reward amount depends on the duration, intensity and popularity of the survey. In the course of participation, the survey partner may also offer a different, more suitable survey, which may change the reward amount.

Why should I create an account?

Creating an “extended” account (email/password or social media) allows you to use our app on multiple mobile devices. If you change device (for example, if you set up a new device without backing up the old device or if you lose the old device), all of the data will remain intact and accessible, especially any credit already earned. For legal reasons, it is only permissible to carry out exchange transactions, apart from donations, using an “extended” account.

Is my data safe with PollPaul?

The data transmitted is kept by PollPaul and protected against unauthorised access according to the state-of-the-art security standards and in compliance with data protection regulations. We guarantee that we always use the latest data security technology.

What can I use the points I earn at PollPaul for?

PollPaul offers a variety of options for exchanging the points earned. In addition to money transfers, these include the purchase of vouchers or comparable non-cash benefits, as well as the option to donate to non-profit, charitable causes. The exchange options available in each case differ for legal and factual reasons in various countries. For legal reasons, exchanging the points for money and non-cash benefits is only permitted with an “extended” account.

How often can I participate in surveys?

Your participation in the Partners’ surveys is in principle unlimited, but various criteria can be defined by our Partners as prerequisites for complete participation in the survey (these may be, for example, certain characteristics relating to gender or age). PollPaul tries to offer the most suitable surveys and carries out a pre-selection accordingly. PollPaul cannot guarantee the provision of a certain number of surveys or a certain amount of earnings.

How quickly do I have to complete the surveys?

There is no obligation whatsoever for the participant to take part in a survey. Participation in all survey projects is entirely voluntary. In the interest of increasing the chance of fully remunerated participation, we recommend that you participate in Partner surveys as carefully and as accurately as possible.

How can I unsubscribe?

You can declare termination of your active participation in PollPaul at any time with immediate effect. This can be done either by uninstalling the app or, if you have an “extended” account, by removing it from the application (“unlinking”). The data will then be deleted in accordance with the data protection guidelines.

Are there any exclusion conditions for participation in PollPaul?

A minimum age of 14 years is required to participate in PollPaul, subject to a higher minimum age in individual countries. Participation is only possible for physical individuals and on a mobile device (or, if an “extended” account is set up, on multiple devices with the same account). Automated processes (scripting, click farms, bots and other comparable fraudulent uses) are prohibited in all cases.

What does participation in PollPaul cost?

Participation in PollPaul is free of charge. When making some exchanges, a fee may be deducted from the credit transferred. This is country-specific and will always be clearly indicated.

How can I recruit new participants?

New participants can be recruited from within the app (“Invite”); contact via the various communication channels (“Share”) always requires the recipient’s consent.

When do I receive the points for recruiting another participant?

The points for recruiting a new participant are automatically credited once the participant has completed a survey and received the associated reward.

How can I improve my rewards?

Credit can be earned through participation in surveys and inviting new participants. Careful, attentive participation in the survey increases the chance of completing a fully compensated interview. Invitations to new participants should be made in a polite, respectful manner, in compliance with legal requirements and with the recipient’s consent. A positive description of PollPaul’s services always increases the likelihood of a successful recruitment.